A Brand New Style! :)

Today Mood = A bit Miserable + Happy!!!!!!!! Dunno why... Btw, I'm started to write novel back.... :) Malay version first okay? i Have no courage yet to write in English... trust me my English is still very poor! hahahaa.... Anyway it doesn't matter.... Currently listen to Corner With Love By Alan Luo.... This Song is so adorable ok? hahaaha.... :D Still liking it.... The drama tough is very cute... Back to the story, Novel called 'Biarlah Ia Berlalu' A.K.A 'Let The Gone Be Bygone, And Let The Bygone Be Gone'! hahahaha..... :D Still in progress to let go all of my idea towards this novel.... There's no synopsis n stuff coz i don't know how to write a novel with 'rangka karangan'.... It's a bit childish yo! :P hahaha.... Be patient okie! I laugh a lots la! STOP Eyla.... :)) I always have this passion, To learn foreign languages as much as i can..... This would probably be my big dream that will come and have to come true.... Learning other languages tough has been my passion since secondary school.... I manage to talked in Spanish and a bit of mandarin when i was in form 5..... Then, i remember one day i talked with my aunt fren.... he's an English man but he can spoke in Spanish.... First word he asked me is 'Como Esta?' I was like OMG,finally i have someone to talked in Spanish instead of talking alone in bathroom or even with my mirror! hahahaha..... Then i reply, 'Estoy Bien,Grazias Y tu?!' hahahaha.... It was so much fun talking with him in Spanish.... He said my Spanish was so Good But i have to learn more! :) Currently downloading Smiling Pasta to after Corner With Love..... Hope this 2 drama can bring me more idea on making my novel! Wish me luck..... :D

Smiling Pasta OST.... Enjoy!