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A whole new story..... :)


I'm a young gurl with full of spirit.... i love my life n i enjoy every second of it! it's just sometimes i cant runaway from doing some mistake n even worst hurt the people dat i love so much.... I love my big family,my frenz,my love n people who knew to appreciate it! my love n my care towards all of u is real n i never take anyone for granted.... if i do,please forgive me! Human is a very complicated creature made by god..... sometimes i don't even realize what am i doing until they'll be someone who hurt becoz of it.... i do love people surrounding me! I never being judgmental to anybody n if i do i must have a very good reason to do it...

My Family is my everything! I love them and they being so nice to me all this time... i have no right to question why they doing this to me, that to me, want this and give that.... i know everything they do is actually for my good sake! They love me and they want the best for me! even sometimes i felt like want to scream whenever they don't allow me to do the things i like but somehow they actually care for me... Am i right guys? Their Happiness is my happiness to! Even if sometimes i have to sacrifice myself but i knew someday there'll be a repay for all this... (: I LOVE THEM so Much! Without Them I'm NOTHING! I'm glad i still have parents to love, care 4 me.... Rather than those who has being orphanage or has lost their parents i must be lucky to have them in my Life.... I'm relly3 thankful and glad for that! To all of u, parents is everything! Don't ever being rude to them!!

My Frenz is my Life! I love all of my frenz! Sometimes being someone's frenz need a lots of compromise with each other becoz at the end of the day we need to find someone who we can share our feelings,problems,happiness and so much more! I once had experience a year without any frenz! Nobody wants to be frenz with me becoz my fren who supposed to be frenz with me has gone with other group.... I walked alone, going to the canteen alone, i ate alone n doing all things alone! I was so scared and terrified becoz i dunno how i can survive without frenz! Then, come 2 cute gurl and gave their friendship to me..... I am so excited and glad that finally i do have frenz to go to canteen with n going everywhere together! We were very happy.... I love n miss them now! i dunno where they are now becoz i had already lost contact with them when they move to 'asrama' school!! (how selfish n ungrateful i am!!!!) but somehow i knew that they still remember me... (: Then, i have dis attractive best fren that i love and adore..... we've be frenz since we are in standard 6... She's really funny and fun to be with.... We were know as Twins becoz wherever i go, she must be with me! hahaha.... we've been best fren n always help each other! I know she must be smiling when remember our high school memories full with happiness, sadness, thrill, adventurous, and lots more! Sometimes we were called as lesbian but we're not okie!! hahaha.... :D The tragic moment for me is when i lost my best buddy in an accident that killed her when i was in form 5! I really3 love her... She's being so good to us but just becoz of one mistake we become not close anymore .... i remember the day she died it's on Friday morning, 31.3.2006! I thought they was fooling me around when they said that she's died.... I don't believe it and i've decided to called her parents to ask whether it is true or not! But unfortunately, i still remember her dad crying and said "Thahirah dah meninggal pagi td nak....accident!" The time he hung up the phone is the day that my heart and my soul is not being at the right place! Ya Allah, kenapa?? I asked that question.... But who am i to ask that question.... Only Allah knew everything! Rest in Peace dear... Please forgive me for everything.... She had an accident that night! She go out to buy a topup with her lil sister when suddenly a car crashed on her when she want to cross the road! My goodness...... She being in coma until Allah took her away that morning! Luckily her sister is alright..... I went to her 'upacara pengebumian' and i dunno why i couldn't cry that day! Then my best buddy, Hassan said "Org yg x menangis lagi sedih dari org yg menangis!" Yes, it is true.... i forced myself to cry n i just can't do that!!! I kiss her forehead before they took them away to the cemetery.... Can't believe that she's gone! huhuhu..... Then i realized that she's acting strangely before she gone forever.... Al-Fatihah to Her! That I'll keep as my secret! (: Stop being emo now and let's start a new move!!! :D (ouh tired!!) Hahaha..... Not Forgetting i went to National Service at Kelantan!!! hahahaa.... I MISS THOSE MOments.... :D Happy sgt!!! I LOVE MY Dormates, all wira and wirawati at Kem Kisana Beach Resort... I won't forgot all the memories tau! gagaga.... Klaka glew... Then, i got an offer to continue my study at UiTM Segamat!! :D~ Happy + Thankful.... (: i met a lots of lovely and adorable frenz there.... I miss BMD1B1 so much.... ): Part 1 is a superb semester for me! I have a lots of frenz n people do like me a lots.... (At first, they didn't like me) but somehow i seem attractive to them!hahahaha.... (i guess).... Then i have Efa as my fren!! She's so sweet.... :D~ Then My List of frenz is added everyday! Dunno why but u all have a piece of my heart n i won't forget all of u! ((: I Heart u all!! :p Unforgettable memories!

These are my fav Quotes :

"Your talent is God's gift to you.
What you do with it is your gift back to God."
- Leo Buscaglia -

"The past cannot be changed,
the future is still in your power."
- Hugh White -

"You are never given a wish
without being given the power to make it come true."
- From the book "Bridge Across Forever" -
(by Richard Bach)

"Don't let today's disappointments
cast a shadow on tomorrow's dreams."
- anonymous -

"The only place where dreams are impossible
is in your own mind."
- Emalie -

"As you travel through life,
your dreams will guide you,
determination will get you there,
and love will provide the greatest scenery of all."
- Michelle C. Ustaszeski -

It is sometimes hard to cross that bridge,
try something new, or make that change.
But once you do, you will realize
that things are usually never as bad as we imagine.
- Michelle C. Ustaszeski -


Happiness is that which everyone longs
but so few of us actually get
Happiness is that which rights all wrongs
and leaves us without regret

Why then does happiness torture us so
when all we want is to feel
what happiness does in the lowest of low
when everything just seems too real

Happiness comes to so many of you
you who think it will always be there
Happiness leaves you without the clue
that living without is a nightmare

If happiness could be passed on
would you then give it to me
Will you then cry when it is gone
and realise what it is to feel lonely