Sorry guys I've been busy all this while until it makes me harder to updated my blog.... But i'am still going to update it as much as possible... ;) well, before i begin my full name is zainatun adilah binti zainal abidin... i'm going to be 20 and will always proud of it!ahaha....i supposed.... btw,i'm writing a novel which now is at my laptop but unfortunedly my laptop have to be service i guess.... it's a total blank and i dont even know why... ;p but i'll soon produce the first chapter of the novel called "Biarkan aku menangis"... it's a malay, i know but i'm trying as far as possible to write as good as stephanie meyer someday.... well i hope u guys will read the novel and do sends ur comment okay? It's a tough day today as if i have to like go to pasar chow kit! oh's totally gross but i like it! ;p my mom bring me to meet grandpa's old friends there.... And then me and my family went to eat nasi lemak kampung baru... (it does remind me of someone who i willing to go to his house to meet him and he brought me to eat nasi lemak antarabangsa in the rain) I miss you... i do... but put all that aside i'm having a great day with the ikan,ayams and so on!hhahaha.... it's so much fun when there is a guy who want to give me his number, IN FRONT of my mom!!! that's suck when i actually tell my mother and he quickly pretending like nothing was happen.... i just laughed and say "whatever"... hahaha.... i went to chow kit road and kampung baru, MY OLD Hometown.... yes again it's remind me of him but let the bygone be bygone right? i will be as strong as possible for my family and friends! :) i will update this blog will be like my diary of life! so guys stay tune yah? ;p eh i forgot, do vote me okay??? ;)

Oh btw enjoy this song yah by Rama Band -Saat2 terindah-

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SaiyidahAisyah said...

edit camne ekk?
tak paham le.
or nak page same like mine kehhh?
ada website die.
nanti download templates d situ.

nurhaz said...

skin ni myspace i punyer nih..