Happy Birthday Guys!!! ;)

Oh....What a day!!! :)

Best b'day bash ever... I am having so much family moments just now when we actually celebrated people who born in May which there are like 5 people who celebrated b'day today by cutting the cake ceremony and my bro's 21st years old b'day... he's getting older and bigger! Opssssiii.... ;p My grandma has made him a lovely 'Nasi Kunyit a.k.a Pulut Kunyit' to celebrate his 21st b'day... It's like the new beginning of him to enter the world of man, he's not a boy anymore! ;) No more teenagers life dude! ;p Well it all goes well and here's are few picture those who celebrate b'day party today :-

My Mak Long, Mak Itam, My Daddy, Ziera/Dikja and my Brother- Erry

But the best part is the 'sefo' part which means 'Sesi Fotografi' which was held at surrounding of my house! Well they pick the the wrong girl, I am a camera maniac! ;p We took picture like crazy and having so much fun... Oh how I LOVE those 3 Charmed ones sisters' which actually share everything together! *Envy alert* hahaha... Joking! ;p Here's a few photo's that we called as sexy photography moments ever :-

Kak Long, Me, Ziera (B'day Gal) and Eina

Kak Long, Ziera, Me, My Lil Bro (Hafiz) and Eina

Me (I still cannot believe that my hair is still curl until now!), Ziera and Eina

Oh this picture is damn looking so hot and sexy!! Kak Long, Bitch alert! :p

Ouh here's i would like to share to u guys my lil brother's Hafizi... OMG, he's so tall and of course skinny as if he's having an aneroxia or bulimia disease... hahaha.... My mom's want him to be a model someday! Well he got the looks and figure i Guesssss.... *Wondering which part of model look he has* hahaha... :DDD~

Tall Hafiz and his girlfriend, ME! hahaha... Na, my lil beloved brother weh! ;p

I have to say it's a beautiful snap between a sister and her lil brother! *wink wink* hahaha... Eyla nice smile darl, keep on rockin' yo~ hahaha.... Someone say he loves my smile... Now i don't wonder why he love my smile anymore... ;p

Oh btw, it has not ended yet... there's also a giving present session which was held at my beloved house to people who celebrated b'day on the month of May... I have to say they are all a nice and sweet present guys especially my daddy's present from Eina and Wanie!! Nice try huh Guys!!! We should open one sourvenir shop and i will be the owner u guys will be the workers okay? hahaha.... here's a picture of the giving present session :-

This is the card that especially made by Eina and Wanie for them.... Nice one guys! ;p

Hmm... here comes the biggest surprises from Eina and Wanie idea again and ask me to be a part of the plan.... 'Kejutan Baling-baling Tepung!!' session... Like OMG it was so much fun I tell you.... It's so funny!!! hahaha.... Here's a quick recap of what happen to the b'day gal and boys on the session :-

Great pose by them... Hahaha... My brother seem so happy with the new hair color! ;p

There's a video that we've taken on the session actually... I will uploaded it later in my Youtube since I am too lazy to do that... It was so tiring guys!!! hahaha... Sorry...

Opps!! here's the video of the surprise gift! :p

And of course credit to my mom and grandma for the nice and lovely menu for today! I am so full now... (OMG, Diet alert!!!) hahaha... ;DDD~ I LOVE YOU MOM! :-*

Greatest Mom Ever! ;p Love you so much mummy! ;))

Well That's a from now... I got to get back to my novel's writing and typing! C yah and thanks for reading! ;) stay tune for more guys... ;)))

♥ Eyla


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beb..mane gmbr sexy kite?heheheh

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mak utih xde??

Zainatun Adilah said...

tiada! ;p

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Zainatun Adilah said...

skodeng lahhH! ;p