To All Secretariat MPP - With all Of My Heart

Hey Guys....

I am writing this basically right from my ♥... I ♥ all secretariat MPP 2009/10... I guess I've made mistake to all of you once... my words is a little bit of harsh and i don't barely even realize that because I am actually trying to be serious at all times... I never mind all my words until You guys have actually tell me whats my problem is.... The true is I am sad on that times... But at some point i realize what is my mistake... I don't even care about people feelings and i hate myself for that... but that doesn't mean i cannot change right guys? I wanted you guys to know my feeling but i don't know how because u guys seems so far away from me... I don't even know why... but put that aside, all the advice things that you guys have said to me is truly really meaningful honor that i will absolutely going to adapt to be a very better person in life... I promise and thanks guys for that... I have learn a lesson of being secretariat to and i know how it's tiring and painful to actually being ordered to do this and that... yes I've experience that before.... :) Trust me i felt like killing myself and surrender... But being a leader is so much more... it's a sense of so many responsibilities and power is in our hands... So sincerely I do apologize if i ever made any mistake and please be loyal to all MPP members even though there is a crisis arise between us...

But the thing I want to let you guys know is not only my apologize... I seriously felt unhappy on the night that we supposed to have meeting together... remember? The night after exam has finished... Me and kak farah and other MPP members' have set a surprises to all of you to congratulate you guys for being a part of MPP members... I am so much sad and i was crying on that night because the presence of secretariat members is so not like what am i expected of... I felt like my job is so incomplete without your presence... sorry to said this but U guys have made us dissapointed on that times... NO SURPRISES = NO FUN... hahaha... But after I've thinking and evaluate the situation I came into one conclusion.... Things will not always seems to fall in place right? "kita merancang, tapi allah yang tentukan" Right guys? I don't mind at all after that... i understand your situation and I am hoping that u guys will give us so much support in this new upcoming semester... We have planned something to you guys and we are hoping that you guys will actually have fun with it and blend with us! YOU GUYS ARE A PART OF MPP MEMBERS' which will actually make you a Student Representative Council too... so, don't ever think we just only want to bullied you... take this an experience that you will bring to the future to be a better person... Okay guys? Till then you guys take care and have a very good Holiday okay? We thanked you all for the support on the previous semester and i hope that we can cope together again later!!! let make this happen!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! :)

♥ Eyla


SaiyidahAisyah said...

wahh i can feel u really sincere lahh while writing this entry. :)

eh ehh, about i involve sama mase seke sume serbu tuh. (tak suke ungkit but i have to say this) i tak berniat nak sembur u. sorry if u terasa yang i macam tikam u dari belakang but i really dont mean it. i already tell the seke yang tak puas hati about u. i kenal u dulu as a friend dari dorang but takpelah benda dah jadik. dan mungkin ada hikmah atas apa yang berlaku kann. sorry again.

but really lah dear, i miss all the time when we are outing at night last2 sem. sumpah rindu nak lepaking kat uptown sume. really missing. u really nice that time and really friendly but maybe people may chance a lot kann. so takpe lahh. :)

anyway, thx to you to cuz what the surprise. but we all really dunno pasal ade surprise tuh. sedey jugak bile dapat tawu melepas BBQ! huwaa.

sorry again if i am not the secretariat yang berdisplin. yup. it was fun being the secretariat anyway. tak sabar nak aktiviti sem dpn.:)

good luck in your life. :)

Zainatun Adilah said...

u too~ :p kite patot berubah dari mase ke semase kan? ;))
i missing that moments too...


Ridzuan Affendy said...

emmmm..all i can say is I love you too! haha~ =)

Zainatun Adilah said...

hahaha....i love you more! ;p

Anonymous said...

akq eton!

u r the best one laa sista!

Zainatun Adilah said...

hahhaa...thanks baby! :)