Many said rich people come in a rich family. Did u agree with this statement? Well i don’t. I always tell myself that in order to be succeed u have to go a lots of hardship, challenges, circumstances so that u will become SOMEBODY in your life. Hands up who don’t want to become billionaire?? Millionaire? Well I will salute u for that. Someone once told me “Money is not everything but everything needs money”. Agree? Stand still Eyla. Grab all those opportunity in front u and don’t be afraid to be SOMEBODY. I have through a lot of pressure. Many people didn’t like me because I am (This is based from the research made by MYSELF taken from people who actually has JUDGE ME BY MY COVER) Thanks Guys:

1) OUTSPOKEN. I don’t even know why human hates someone who is outspoken. Well yes I am sure i know the answer. “NOT MANY PEOPLE CAN ACCEPT TRUTH”!! Yes it is. And that is why many people tend to hate a person who is outspoken and not afraid to say the truth (please do take not because this is serious matter) hahaha... I sometimes hate an outspoken person but somehow this outspoken person is actually encouraging u to be a better person! Doesn’t u want to be a better person?? Hell yeah right? So what are you afraid of dear??

2) CHILIDISH. So what people????!! I am childish. FULLSTOP! I like being one. FULLSTOP. Accept me and I’ll accept u too. *Wink Wink*

3) OVER-REACTING. Hey so what people??? Only over-reacting people makes history yahhhh. Well-behaved girl don’t make history! Don’t forget that. Someone once told me not to react overly, but did u guys aware when u has actually done something out of your mind? This is what we call as “Minda Luar Sedar”. And “Minda Luar Sedar” will help u to find success. Agree? Well if u doesn’t try to read “NAK KE TAK NAK” by H.M Tuah Iskandar. <<-- He’s my favorite Malay Motivator!

4) GEDIK. I had no comment about this. This is toooooooo subjective depending on your speculation. But all I can say is TRY to differentiate GEDIK and MANJA people. Thanks.

5) KUAT MENGIPAS. Hello guys! No more kipas lah nowadays. I used AIR-COND okay?? I just need an electricity to generate it and not using my energy to kipas-kipas person! It’s millennium century people. (GET AN AIR-COND Now!!!!) To be honest, I MEMANG KUAT MENGIPAS! So what????!!! You’ll need that someday! Keep talking about me, U’re making me F.A.M.O.U.S! Congratulations!!!

6) OVER-CONFIDENT. Oh I love this one I Love this one! “CONFIDENT THAT WHAT’S MAKE GIRL SEXY!” Therefore I’m SEXY!! ;p Nahhhh, Hm.. How to say eh, actually I have been trained to have this kind of confident in front of people and stuff. I love being THE CENTER OF ATTRACTION! ONCE AGAIN, SO WHAT???! “Only people who matters doesn’t matter, and only people who don’t matters matter”. SHOOT?? What is this quote? “Don’t worry when I am famous I will remember everyone who didn’t give me a chance”. Ngeee~ ;p and add another one! READ THIS PROPERLY
“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice who you are because someone else has problem with it”

Dah Dah Dah. My heart says! Hehehe... ONCE AGAIN I HIGHLIGHTED here, HEY SO WHAT HAH?? I HAD ENOUGH OKAY? I am UNIQUE.
“UNIQUE is Another Word to Describe Me...”
I will always be an optimistic person because I know all people who hate me will eventually die if I always be an optimistic person! Yeahhhh... But don’t get me wrong, I don’t curse u to die okay?? That’s Cruel and I am not that cruel okay?? *Wink Wink*

♥ EyLa

P/S: Pada Yang terase tu, Baguslah!!! yeahhha... I LIKE! :p


SaiyidahAisyah said...

yeahhh you go girl!
dun have to worry to be ourself cuz we know our self better than people out there.

go go chayo for you dreams!
i will always support lah.
insyaAllah. :D

Zainatun Adilah said...

thanks darling!! :)

Anonymous said...

juz be urself to success sis, don`t bother about what other people say about you, oke!


Zainatun Adilah said...

Yeah I will! :)