2009 10 of the World's Most Powerful Celebrities

She's rich. She's talented. She's beautiful. And now Angelina Jolie is The Most Powerful Celebrities in the world. Catch the list but not all of them I know as a celebrity. *Wondering*
But the trio love triangle between Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jeniffer Aniston did made three of them the 10 most powerful celebrity in the world! Ouch! ;) By the way here's the list guys, Check them out.

10 World's Most Powerful Celebrity List:

#1 Angelina Jolie

#2 Oprah Winfrey

#3 Madonna

#4 Beyonce Knowles

#5 Tiger Woods

#6 Bruce Springsteen

#7 Steven Spielberg

#8 Jeniffer Aniston

#9 Brad Pitt

#10 Kobe Bryant

I wonder who's the next year top 10 list but yet Jolie's you beat Oprah! Congrats ;)

And hell yeah, i salute Beyonce for her kindness saving Swift's Night. You deserve to be at the 10's Girl! I LOVE YOU!

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"To be at the top is the most toughest hierarchy in Maslow's hierarchy of need, but they made it.
Why don't we?"

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