Fashion Info : Fashion Week New York For Spring 2010.

Tommy Hilfiger

New York Spring 2010
Friday, September 18, 2009

(NEW YORK) Tommy Hilfiger prefers it under the boardwalk. The designer favored the breezy California sensibility in his Spring 2010 show, rethinking the casual glamour that is distinctively Californian. You could practically hear the waves crashing against the rocks as foamgreen frocks sailed down the runway. It is difficult to create a mini tube dress that is both sweetly youthful and sophisticated, but Tommy has mastered this harmony. The collection also included East Coast references that we associate with Hilfiger--khaki cotton shorts and nautical stripes brought back memories of Nantucket nights. Whether Pacific or Atlantic, Hilfiger knows how to deliver relaxed ensembles fit for the unfussy.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

New York Spring 2010
Wednesday, September 16, 2009

(NEW YORK) Marc Jacobs brewed up what felt like every print and color under the sun this afternoon at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. An amalgamation of plaid, polka dots, stripes and flowers in screaming technicolor seems like an assault to the senses. Quite the contrary, Marc Jacobs merged his elements together, tying them up with a bow...literally. His oversized headband bows were fit for Minnie Mouse, giving the collection that cartoony sensibility we love about Marc by Marc. Day-Glow hues and puffed sleeves smacked of the '80s, but, thankfully, did not hit us over the head. Once again, Marc Jacobs' sense of humor breathed life into his collection.

Ralph Lauren

New York Spring 2010
Thursday, September 17, 2009

(NEW YORK) Ralph Lauren's Spring 2010 collection offered a resplendent hope for the future this afternoon. The designer unpacked the notion of "hard times," focusing on the diligence and integrity of the farmers, cowboys, and pioneer housewives. Loose denim overalls, denim western jackets and daisy cotton dresses were at once finely detailed, soft, elegant and sensibly comfortable. Bringing the prairie to the runway, the pieces elevated the working class attire, beautifying a sector that is often dismissed, especially in the fashion world. As the collection progressed, silk and chiffon took the place of cotton in the laborer's wardrobe, again underscoring the sophistication and classic beauty of those who literally lend their hand to ameliorate American during grim economic times.

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