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Holla Guys!

Yesterday I just browsing through the facebook. All of sudden i saw an advertisement on study abroad at the advertisement board. I pun bukak lah kan, then terbuka lah web yang beralamat

Then i pon dengan senang hatinya browsing through the website that i found so interesting and yet meaningful since I am planning to study abroad for my further degree. Insyaallah, kalau Allah izinkan lah. ;) Then tiba2 hati terbuka lah nak open University of Quensland, which is the top 50 world university (Hasrat di hati nak sambung Harvard kan, tapi apakan daya Master lah i try apply kot, hehehe) Doakan Amin Amin! ;)

Sekarang nih I am taking Business course which of course one of my favorite range of studies. But afterall I am more interested in studying for Public Realtions or Social Science or Science Administration since I know how good I am in coping with people, having a good communication level and people said as in I ni 'Pandai Kipas Orang kan?' So why not I take the opportunity to expand my ability to the next level by taking the courses that suitable with this kind of ability. Of course I wont forget and still love Business Studies. (Can i do Double Degree Mom?) hahaha.. U know challenging yourself to the toughest level might give u more experience than others ok. So why don't we? If god's will I want to take double degree which are Bachelor in Mass Communication majoring in Public Relations and also Bachelor in Business Administration majoring in International Business. What an impact! Both seems to be a very good compatible inspiring courses and match. Hehehe ;) I wish i can manage to get a scholarship to further my study at abroad.

If u guys need more info regarding oversea university don't hesitate to search the website
Studylink which it will provide you sufficient info regarding the university, the payment for each courses in every semester or all semester, facilities, full courses that offer by the university and many more. The scholarship availability is also included in the web. So why wait? :) Grab the opportunity and be one of those people who will ask u the question in the next hari raya "U study mane sekarang?" and u will be happy to say "Oh i study kat University of Queensland, Australia." Doesn't that makes your parents proud? I am sure they will and will always be! :) Wishing all of you the very best and project everything that within yourself which nobody are actually realizing that 'OH I can't believe that she/he got that ability' Go challenge yourself peeps! I will always be praying for all of our success and I hope U guys will do the same thing with me too.

My hari raya celebrating is quite boring and tempting since I am so busy coping out with my study since the test 2 is around the corner. (I got to get 4 Flat to maintain my CGPA, Pray for me guys!) But most of all I am happy to assist my parents to go to pakcik and makcik houses in Negeri 9 and KL. I have no kampung since my grandma's house is only in front of my house yeah. hahaha. And yet i realize that I am now a granny since my dad's siblings daughter is married have a son and her son is also married and give a birth to baby girl which will call me granny in the future when she grow up. OMG!! I'm not that old! ;p Okay stop blabbering dearie since i got to go helping my mom! :p I have a few picture that i will add up here later. By that i wishing all of you the very merry hari raya and maaf zahir dan batin! ;DD~ Okay see you guys around and i will keep updating my blog with the precious info for all of you!

"You have to think anyway, so why not think big??" -Donald Trump

I Love All Of You and Missing My B,
♥ EyLa


SaiyidahAisyah said...

babe! :D
i was thinking nak further degree tuk double dgree gaks. ahaa. tp undecided which dgree. huhuuu.
dgr cite husband dya wat double dgree mcm nak pulak kann. huhuuu.
mari kite sama2 menuju puncak!
Good Luck dear :)
semoga doa2 mu tercapai insyaAllah.

Zainatun Adilah said...

oh really?? Oh god, nak kena challenge die nih!!! Okay3! :)

FdausAmad said...

Gua nak ajak lu dtg lepak blog gua.rilek rilek.