Eyla Emo Lagi!

It’s normal when i feel down lonely i will start writing whatever that came across my mind. For time being I am Loser Eyla. I felt that whenever i feel hurt and alone. I have best friend but i broke them heart, so ends up i’ll always be alone. I am good in giving advices but i am not good on taking them. Such a waste Eyla. Lonely is like a good phrase for me. I am so sorry guys for everything. Especially to this listed person:

Mohd ArifZahran – Sometimes i feel i am not for you. You are so good and kind to me but yet i always bring you down. Keep the smiling humour that always make me happy and laugh. Thanks b. "Time heals almost everything. Give time time"

Bob, Boss and Daus – you guys are wonderland. Hahaha. The best of all is yet to come. I am so sorry i pissed off yesterday. It is not because i am angry to you guys but i am feeling stupid for myself because i am the one who didn’t do the powerpoint in report way. That’s why i am a bit angry but not for u guys but for myself. I am such a jerk. I’ve read the SMS sending by boss at efa’s handset. I don’t blame you boss. You’ve help me a lot this semester and i don’t know how to repay it back but i swear i don’t blame u for not putting my part in the report. Bob, so sorry. You have been such a great class-rep everyone believes that and me too. Remember guys “Life isn't fair, but it's still good”!

Efa – i know you don’t read my blog. Hahaha. Who will right? But yet i know you are getting so far away from me now and i can always guess out why. I remember that night clearly when you say “Xde sape support aku” to boss. You know what; i am hurt at the moment. NOBODY support u? U knows how dying i am to do karsei all over again? I know you know why right? But i know that night you were so sleepy and u said whatever that crossed your mind and i don’t blame you. Listen to this “Whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger” and your spirit never kills you! So that’s what makes you stronger. I always support you just like u always support me it’s just you didn’t see it and i think that’s my fault. I am truly sorry, maybe u wasn’t supposed to be friend with a phetatic loser like me. Go on and do whatever you think its right for you. “What other people think of you is none of your business” I miss my sleeping partner and i miss you badly, i swear if i can turn back to year where we first met and doing a crazy things together i want to do it all over again because that time is the only time i am being myself in this lovely UiTM. I miss your xx. But i guess everyone is grown up unless me. Hahaha. Remember “I will always Support you i whatever you do in your life and i hope u’ll do the same thing to me too”. Love you babe!

Saiyidah Aisyah – babe lets go karaoke jom! Hahaha. I miss you lah. "Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone."

MPP members – i miss you guys badly, but i am so sorry i missed my jobs since started business. Don’t hate me because if you guys do, i will die. It is okay if you guys want to talk behind my back, i don’t mind at all and i will be happy to forgive it but don’t hate me. Please... You guys bring sunshine, happiness, and beautiful thoughts in my mind and sweet memories. I love you guys! "No matter how you guys feel, get up, dress up and show up!"

Hahaha... I think there’s lot person that’s hurt because of me, thanks eyla! But i gtg, i have a work calling to do! Bye Guys!

"Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks."

♥ All,


Anonymous said...

Eyla emo know who you will turn the way just remember things will be alright.....hugs & love...