The Climb

Hye Kawan2! Bace keh :

I can almost see it, 
that dream i'm dreamin but, 
there's a voice inside my head sayin, 
you'll never reach it. 
every step im takin every move i make feels 
lost with no direction, 
my faith is shakin, but i, 
i gotta keep tryin i gotta keep my head held high 

there's always gonna be another mountain
 im always gonna wanna make it move
 always gonna be an uphill battle and 
sometimes im gonna have to lose it 
aint about how fast i get there 
aint about whats waitin on the other side its the climb 

the struggles im facing 
the chances im taking 
sometimes might knock me down 
but no im not breaking 
i may not know it but these are the moments 
that im gonna remember most yeah 
just gotta keep goin and i i got be strong gotta keep on pushin on cuz 

theres always gonna be another mountain 
im always gonna wanna make it move 
always gonna be an uphill battle 
sometimes im gonna have to lose 
aint about how fast i get there 
aint about whats waitin on the other side
 its the climb 

keep on movin 
keep climbin 
keep the faith babe
 its all about its all about the climb
 keep the faith keep your faith 

This is my favourite song of the year. Guess what this year is the most anticipated and extreme year in the journey to find who i am, who i was and who i will become. hahaha. sounds phetatic yah? hahaha. but i guess that this is so real until i feel that i am too part of it. okay okay, benti melalut eyla! T_T and this year is also the saddest and plus happy year as i can see many beautiful blomming relationship has been crashed and fall into pieces. Like OMG, it's really sad but put those all apart i still thinks that i am a strong person since i have been through a lots of bad circumtances. LOVE, LIFE, HAPPINESS, SORROW has been surrounding me. Sape penah rase kena pulau raise up ur hands??? okay sep3, kita sama! Best x kena pulauuuu? best kan? cam duduk kat pulau! (banyak la kau, FISH) hahaha. xlah, x best. sedih but i guess if u always have mentality "OH budak ni lagi bagus dari aku, jom pulau beramai2" i don't think melayu will menjadi the best bangsa of all time. na ah okay guys, take note this yah! ever read "Falsafah MIM, Membina Minda Melayu" by my favorite person Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ibrahim Abu Shah? Mesti X kan?? hehehe. Not many people know this book i think. this book is super awesome! you guys should go to kinokuniya and buy one! ESOK juga okay? 

This book mengajar kita bagaimana hendak membina minda melayu yang hebat! pada yang x suka membaca tu, rajin2kan lah membaca buleh? best oh membaca menambah pengetahuan, tahuu? hahaha. okay enuf said, dah baca baru kita bincang best ke x oraite x? hehehe. eh salah plak okay enuf review first book. we proceed to second book, okay this book is called "How to get Friends and influence people" chopppp i bace dlm bahasa melayu so it's should be called as "Bagaimana mendapat kawan dan mempengaruhi seseorang" eceh2! hahaha. buku ni best, best-selling kan dan telah ditranslate ke dalam 40 bahasa. Okay i jeles! This book it's teach us on how to behave well to get friends and how actually is the best way to influence people. (actually tiba2 je nak buat pasal review buku padahal nak cite story tentang diri sebenarnya) T_T ngek sungguh! Maaf guys, pada yang gemar membaca carilah buku2 yang terhangat di pasaran ini. 

okay actually nak cite kisah dipulaukan, diceraikan dan disatukan kembali. eceh2, poyo plak ayat! ;p hahaha. Sumpah ada thrill baik dan buruk dalam sesuatu peristiwa dan pengalaman kan? cuma xnak cite sekarang. TUNGGUUUUU! ;p