Sharing Is Caring: Be Confidence!

Salam, topic hari ini: CONFIDENCE is SEXY.

Confidence is often the first thing we notice about someone. We might think it is body parts that get attention (and sometimes that's true) but confidence has more impact. Confidence is the energy that tells the world you are self-assured and self-reliant. Confidence is a key component of being a effective communicator.

Confidence is not arrogance. Arrogance is about self-importance whereas confidence is about making others feel important while retaining a high level of self-respect.

Leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and managers need a high level of confidence to succeed. But confidence is not limited to age or position. I've seen confident eight-year-olds and if you have been on a ski slope you know what I'm talking about. A sense of overall confidence keeps you going when faced with challenges.

Confidence is having full trust in yourself to act on your behalf. This does not mean you need to know all the answers, it means you know when to get coaching, seek answers and listen openly.

Here are some ways to boost your confidence:

o Know your material. If you suffer from situational timidity that deflates your confidence your best defense is to know your subject matter. A pending presentation, speech or difficult conversation that is challenging your self-assurance is best solved by knowing as much about the situation or topic as possible. Nothing says confidence like knowing your stuff.

o Admit you don't know. No, this does not contradict the first piece of advice. Rather, it says I am smart enough to know I don't know everything. Only arrogance supposes complete knowledge. Being willing to learn sends a very powerful and confident message.

o Take more risks. Step out of your self-imposed boundaries and take on a project, a course or a situation that feels slightly uncomfortable. No risk means no change to experience growth and confident people are always growing.

o Be coachable. Confident people open up the lines of communication and practice active listening. Be willing to make changes, listen to other solutions and entertain all possibilities.

o Don't worry about what others think but do have some insight into how others perceive you. Confident people understand how they appear to the world and they choose to accept it or change it. But they don't worry about what others think.

People are drawn to confident leaders and leaders can emerge in any job or situation. Confident people know they are capable enough to cope with the challenges of life and this is the energy projected to others. Confidence is authentic, while arrogance does not ring true. Cultivate confidence and communicate it through your words and actions to serve the world or, at least, your workplace.

Confidence itu penting, u cakap salah tapi confident tu ade mesti orang yakin punya. :) hahaha, tapi jangan ar menipu kan2!