Justin Bieber Live in MALAYSIA! My World Tour~


Yes yes! Believe it or not, I WAS AT BIEBER CONCERT YESTERDAY! 

It was indeed YES SUPER AWESOME guys!!

Actually me and my best buddy, Nabil was volunteering for Yayasan Chow Kit. And YES AGAIN we got a free ticket to watch the concert of course by doing tasks that was given to us. 

Ushering the kids from Refugee Bintang School. 

And of course we do got free T-Shirt thanks to their main sponsor Tune Talk for super awesomely gave us RED T-Shirt. (I wonder why is it in red, it should be in Purple for god sake, because I know Bieber LOVESSSS Purple right?

 Our Free Ticket. Ngehehe~

Then we headed to Stadium Merdeka around 5.30 PM and guess what? We saw a whole bunch of Beliebers waiting to enter the stadium. Everyone was on their own way, Supra shoes, Purple shirt and of course many things was sell outside the stadium including Bieber Tags, sold at RM10, Bieber T-shirt with wording "Future Mrs. Bieber" printed on it. -__-'

And minutes after we reached Stadium Merdeka, rain start to drops heavily! :( OH imagine we will be on the OPEN STADIUM with rain as our company. Hahaha. But luckily, Tune Talk is super awesome, they gave each of us free raincoat. (Hah that's cool guys!)

He is our leader while the auntie besides him is Refugee School teacher. :)

Then after the rain stop, we quickly bring the kids to queue up at tha PINK Zone. There was like a thousand people crowded with of course kids, teens, even their parents as well! You guys ROCK la! :D

And when we entered the stadium door, we was forced to leave our DSLR cameras, umbrella or anything that will hurt JB (I guess!)(Okay now that's not cool!) :/

My team members! *hugs* You guys were super AWESOME! :)

Okay he's Nabil. The one who responsible for my #bieberfever!!!

Although we got to see like a small tiny body of JB (Since we're that FAR) but we still thankful that the ticket was free. Thanks again Tune Talk! 

Yes that zone is super expensive! (can't afford lah! -__-') But then I consider myself lucky since I got to be like this near to JB! (sambil tunjukkan jari ala2 macam kecik tu!) :p

The concert begin at 8.15 pm with Mizz Nina as the opening singer. She is super energetic! I love you too MISS NINA~ Unfortunedly I haven't took any picture of her performing. :(
And JB appeared at 9.00 PM after 30 mins countdown. Everyone is shouted like hysteria and crazily when JB was appeared on stage! Now that's what we call BIEBER FEVER!!! :D 

And of course my super talented and cool friend Nabil able to seludup DSLR camera and he took this picture of JB performing! You're GREAT lah dude! :D Enjoy the picture for those who haven't able to come yesterday! :P

He sang his famous song like Never Say Never, Eenie Meenie, Pray, One last lonely girl and many more!

He's LEFT HANDED Bieber Fans! Alert that~

OMG, He's SO CUTE even since he's a LITTLE boy! @_@

Super ADORABLE. No wonder every girls are crazy over you. :p

Credit to: Nabil (Please don't copy this picture w/out permission)

I'm sorry Bieber we brought DSLR to snap your picture. ;p

The concert ends around 10.15 pm close with his long time fave song, Baby! Yes we do take video but it's still at Nabil, next time I'll upload them for you guys later okay! Till then do enjoy this video beliebers!

Justin Bieber My World Tour by Jin & Ryan

I wish I could take picture with YOU beside ME, Justin Bieber. 
*tutup mata sambil imagine*


Who said dream can't come true? Watch this!!

lol. Now I'm one of #9millionbeliebers! :D


Nevermind, let's pray together!

Pray: Justin Bieber.

P/S: It's good to have you and Selena Gomez around here JustinBieber.

Nota kaki: Knp tiba2 speaking? Paham2 ler~ Artis obersea ni! ;p


zakiah said...

haha.. kalaulah awak tul2 dapat tangkap pic.. mesti tiap malam dok tatap pic tu :p

Fitrihadi said...

ermm saya tengah tunggu Katy Perry datang Malaysia hehe JB ni untuk perempuan je..

radin fadli said...

Tiket super expensive ker? I think there is where I am supposed to sit, judging from the angle that my cousin tpok his bieber video... tiket wakil cousin je pergi... and those kids enjoying themselves pretty much...

cikmegipama said...

untung budak pompuan yg dapat flower bouquet dari bieber tuh..

tekejot kaw..haha

sonnet™ said...

waahh,bestnye dpt pergi! :D

Nur-Za Marlyana Mohd Kamal said...


AMOI KUSUT said...

wah! best nya dpt jumpa JB..
jeles nya..
ngeh ngeh ; p

Syira ITIK KEJ♥M said...

wahhh i pun pergi jugak under yayasan chow kit. tapi duduk belah kanan stadium. wuu patutla xjumpa! haha.

seronok kan bawak bebudak tuh. tapi penat melayan. diorang bukan tngok sangat pun konsert nye, asyik mengajak gi toilet je....

setiapkali jb perform mesti rase mcm nak menjerit2 #bieberfever tapi kang malu ngan budak2 tuh pulak kang so diam jelah..