Eksklusif: Gambar-Gambar Sekitar Bersih 2.0 Yang Sedang Hangat Di Bumi Bertuah Malaysia Kini.


Terasa nak update blog tentang gambar2 Perhimpunan HARAM ke BERSIH ke KOTOR aku pun tak tahau dan tak kuasa nak tahu. Yang paling penting...

"Bertopengkan demokrasi, tangan halus mengorak langkah masuk ingin menjatuh negara yang satu ketika aman sentosa. Sedih."

Perhimpunan haram: Ambiga, Hadi, Mat Sabu, Tian Chua ditahan
09/07/2011 3:05pm


KUALA LUMPUR 9 Julai – Penganjur perhimpunan haram Gabungan Pilihan Raya Bersih dan Adil (Bersih), Datuk S. Ambiga bersama Presiden Pas, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang ditahan polis di KL Sentral di sini hari ini.

Mereka ditahan semasa bersama para penyokong Bersih merempuh benteng polis pukul 2.20 petang.

Turut ditahan sebelum itu, Maria Chin, Mohamad Sabu, Tian Chua, R. Sivarasa dan Ngeh Koh Ham. – Utusan

Dah PUAS HATI? Nak tunggu darurat jugak ke? Berikut adalah gambar2 yang diambil di twitter dan juga sumber2 yang dipercayai mengenai Perhimpunan hari ini...

Hmmm untunglah duduk dalam Hotel. pengikut korang semua berpanas kat luar tu.


Gigihnya semua....

Wah Bukit Bintang Lenggang? Best ni shopping!

Dah BERSIH dah?

Wah tak sangka Malaysia begitu Muhibbah! (PATDD)

Untunglah dapat rasa TearGas...


Nasib Badan

Dah Aman sama2 dengan Polis Bukit Aman?

*Picture credit to: Twitter & The Sun

Berikut adalah chronology tentang Bersih pada hari ini:

3.18pm:  Crowd gathered at entrance to Stadium Merdeka near MBSSKL. Some at police barricade but most have retreated and standing along Jalan Hang Jebat, seeming to wait for directions. Situation still calm.

3.15pm: Patriot disperses. FRU on standby watching everyone leave.

3.10pm: Patriot crowd praying in front of FRU water cannon.

3.01pm: Police say they have arrested 672 people as of 2.30pm (624 men and 48 women).

3.00pm: Thousands march through the rain towards Pudu. FRU fire tear gas.

2.55pm: Khairy picked up by police.

2.45pm: FRU fired tear gas at Patriot at Jln Bkt Bintang-Jln Pudu intersection to force them to disperse.

2.55pm: Bersih chief Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan detained for question. Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin has also been picked up by police.

2.39pm: Several Pakatan Rakyat leaders have been arrested, so far. Among them are PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, Kuantan MP Fuzaih Salleh, PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu, vice presidents Datuk Mahfuz Omar and Salahuddin Ayub and Batu MP Tian Chua.

2.35pm: Police say they had arrested 644 people (597 men and 47 women) by 2pm.

2.30pm: At least five FRU trucks head towards Pudu Raya.

2.25pm: Tear gas fired at crowd at Jalan Pudu and KL Sentral. Protestors throw back cannisters. Police warn reporters to stay away as they fire more tear gas fire. Its raining heavily

2.20pm: Police box in Bersih protestors between Swiss Garden Hotel and Magnum building. One man caught. Standoff between Bersih supporters and FRU who have closed the road in front of Magnum.

2.15pm: Crowd makes it into KL Sentral. Meanwhile, police are using batons to disperse at Jalan Pudu. The crowd disperses and regroups.

2.11pm: Kg Baru mosque has made announcement asking worshippers and the public to leave the mosque compound after prayers

2.10pm: Patriot group in Bukit Bintang waiting for two more groups from PWTC and Kg Attap before marching to stadium. Starting to rain here

2.05pm: Bersih and Pakatan leaders exit KL Hilton amid chants of 'Bersih!' to KL Sentral where they encounter locked doors.

FRU block Bersih group in front of Swiss Garden along Jalan Pudu as they march to Stadium Merdeka

2.00pm: Water cannons turned on crowd at Pudu Plaza

1.45pm: Third round of tear gas at Cahaya Suria Maybank interjunction as helicopters hover very low over crowd attempting to march to Stadium Merdeka.

1.40pm: Khairy Jamaluddin arrives to join Patriot group to a big cheer from crowd. Khairy is also on list of 91 forbidden from entering KL

1.41pm: Tear gas being fired at large crowd at Jalan Tun Perak near Maybank.

1.30pm: Reezal Merican defies restriction order to lead patriot in Bukit Bintang.

1.25pm: Police say 514 people had been arrested by 12.30pm (478 men and 36 women).

1.20pm: Patriot movement marches down Bukit Bintang in red shirts carrying Malaysian flags and singing national songs. Shops pull down shutters

1.19pm: Bersih group merges with another near Puduraya. Umno Youth's Patriot group, headed by pickup truck with loudhailer, is distributing Patriot t-shirts, shouting Hancur Bersih'

1.10pm: Thousands in Bersih crowd start from Pudu Plaza, passing Bukit Bintang and are on the way to Jalan Pudu in bid to reach Stadium Merdeka

1.00pm: Kuantan MP fuziah tweeted that she's detained in front of Hilton for obstructing police. She's in a black Maria now

12.55pm: Police say 441 have been arrested by 12noon (421 men and 20 women).

12.45pm: Lim Kit Siang and other Pakatan Rakyat leaders are at KL Hilton Hotel.

12.40pm: FRU fire tear gas at protestors shouting 'reformasi' at Agro Bank near Daya Bumi in KL

12.30: A huge crowd of protestors shouting reformasi are leaving Central Market in an attempt to head towards Masjid Jamek and Dataran Merdeka. Near Masjid Negara, protestors were also seen carrying PKR and PAS flags while shouting Bersih

12.15pm: PAS vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar and Kubang Kerian MP Salahuddin have been arrested at KL Sentral

12.13pm: Police allow 5 lawyers from the Bar Council to head to the KL train station as a crowd shouted “reformasi" from inside the train station.

12.05pm: PKR president Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail arrives at KL Hilton accompanied by Subang MP R Sivarasa and lawyer Latheefa Koya. PKR sec-gen Saifuddin Nasution also arrives at KL Hilton

11.35am: All is peaceful at KLCC. Tourists taking photos. Mall security stepped up with metal barricades set up around the entrance, except small opening to let shoppers in.

11.30am: Police say they have arrested 236, including 8 women, in KL city for involvement in illegal gathering

11.02am: RapidKL trains won't stop at three stations in the city from 10.15am on police orders - Hang Tuah and Maharajalela stations on the monorail line and Hang Tuah station on the Ampang line.

11.00am: A man wearing red shirt arrested by police near Masjid Jamek LRT station

10.40am: Bukit Aman media centre released a statement saying that one of the 21 arrested earlier Saturday has been released.

10.35am: A black maria is at Masjid Jamek with 13 people, mostly men, detained on suspicion of being Bersih demonstrators. Police detain 3 women in their early 20s for carrying red strips of cloth.

10.30am: A large crowd has gathered at the train station near Masjid Negara. Heavy police presence headed by Dang Wangi OCPD ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman. More police trucks arrive to join FRU trucks at Istana Negara main gate but situation is still quiet.

10.01am: Shops start to open. Queue of 100 people in front of Machines, Lot 10, waiting to buy iPad2.

10.00am: A man was arrested by police at Jalan Melayu, off Jalan Masjid India, after he was seen shouting aggressively in front of the public and media representatives.

Rela manning Central Market entrance. They say the market will open as usual at 10am but they will stand watch. Police patrolling on foot around central market before it opens.

Small group of about 100 along Masjid India ordered to dispersed by police

9.30am: An official statement from KL police says they have arrested 21 people.

9.28am: 12 lawyers in suit and tie outside Masjid Jamek station. Large police presence but normal activity. Station remains open.

9.15am: A crowd of over 100 is at the KTM station near the National Mosque. Police are monitoring them.

Police take away a group of people who had gathered near the Kg Baru mosque

9.07am: Road blocks on highways into KL causing traffic slowdown. A roadblock near Batu Tiga has brought traffic to a crawl, taking drivers more than half an hour from Shah Alam to the toll plaza heading to Kuala Lumpur. But traffic flow after the toll plaza is smooth.

9.05am: Three lawyers, in black jacket and tie, walked into Jalan TAR. They told newsmen they are there to provide legal assistance

8.50am: About 15 FRU trucks outside Istana Negara. Road blocks set up 500m away from main entrance of the palace

8.45am: 6 ambulances seen entering Jalan TAR, believed to be on standby.

8.40am: 12 police trucks and a black maria outside Sogo. About 120 policemen are around area. Random checks are being carried out on passing padestrians at Jalan TAR.

Police close off entrance to Jalan Stadium with barbed wire. 20 black maria in front of car park.

8.10am: Heavy police presence, light traffic but no sight of crowds in areas around Chow Kit and Kampung Baru

Jalan TAR is sealed off with large police presence outside Sogo.

8.00am: The city is near deserted. At Jalan Raja Laut, only policemen on duty were seen. Outside City Hall, about 200 policemen were seen having their breakfast. A police helicopter is hovering over the city.

7.55am: More police arrive on the monorail and are getting off at Maharajalela Station, opposite Merdeka Stadium.

A number of FRU trucks, including those with water cannons, pass Jalan Maharajalela heading towards the National Mosque and Masjid Jamek.

Bhahaha, baca yang highlight merah tu? BELI iPAD 2 beratur2? SALUTE Lah wei! hahahaha. Tahniah semua pihak. (Nada Perli)

Hahaha ini adalah video Bersih 2.0

More info and Picture soon,


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