My Love From Another Star - So Addictive.

Hello, Assalammualaikum..

Been a Korean Drama addict dari sekolah menengah lagi memang tak dapat dibendung. Daripada alih suara ke Mandarin sampailah dah ada penterjemah subs korea aku lalui fasa itu. Paling ingat first korean drama ialah Winter Sonata. Kemudian keluarlah Autumn In Heart, All About Eve, My Love Patzzi, My Sassy Girl dan sebagainya memang mendatangkan obsesi yang memudaratkan diri sampai tak belajar betul-betul untuk SPM. :( And recently I got a chance to watch Korean Drama after a loooooong time. *most of the time sebab terlalu busy dengan kehidupan seharian* and I manage to watch a couple of good rating drama such as The Heir, The Master's Sun, Lie to Me and the latest is MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR! (or maybe you called in Man Who Came From The Star) 20 Episode, I have to say plot cerita ni memang lain daripada yang lain. I've watch a lot of korean drama but this one is so addictive, maybe because of the chemistry between Doo Min Joon & Chun Song Yi?

Or maybe the casts is way too pretty and handsome?

 Jun Ji Hyun

Kim So Hyun

And i have to say Jun Ji Hyun did chose a pretty great drama for her comeback and Kim So Hyun did a way good job in portraying Doo Min Joon. I like how they manage to make him look different in different ERA!

They make me feel and believe that there are actually alien living surround us for almost 400 years or am I being too imaginative thanks to this series? Hahaha.

And I do love their OST! It is so nice and soothing don't you think?

Lyn - My Destiny

Another reason why I like this drama is because of the kissing scene? Omo! Great cast, great kissing scene make it way too interesting to watch sampai rating dia naik mendadak at the final episode. They score 28% rating (which is quite high) for the new era Korean Drama. Daebak!

I love this scene and I cried. T__T

If you're like a long lost Korean Drama addicted yang dah bertahun tak tengok Korean Drama I suggest you start with this Drama first. After that I would recommend you watch "The Master's Sun" - A story about a girl who can see ghost and talk to them! Pretty great drama and I miss Seo Ji Sub already :(

Well being a Korean Drama addict is not a crime, at least you'll have an imaginary thoughts & dream to have a great gentleman, romantic kinda man to become your future husband.........

Okay thank you! 

4 Stars for My Love From Another Star!

Zaina Zain