ASAP : All Say, "Aiyoyo.... Podah!"

Assalammualaikum & Hello Semua.

Penah tak korang rasa macam nak lempang je orang yang hisap rokok berbatang2 tanpa henti pastu pandang sana sini konon2 macho? Especially perempuan. Macho ke smoke? Oh hello Macho girls. Hamai. T__T 
Please stop it.

Kalau hisap satu dua tu takpe gak you, I boleh terima ni kalau boleh satu hari nak 15 kotak ape cer? Bukan lah tak bagi tapi kan bagus kalau tak merokok langsung? Hehehe. Jimat sikit duit tu. (Rasanya kalau kumpul duit yang korang beli rokok tu dah boleh buat umah banglo agaknya) hahaha. 

Harga dah naik pun korang gigih lagi p beli! Pergh sumpah salute. Gian dia sampai cenggitu cenggini sekali. :p Oleh itu maka lahirlah salah satu web dan short film untuk Anti Smoking ni...

What is ASAP?

Hi boys and girls! ASAP -- just what is it? Here, we hope to give you some information about our movement, and how you can be part of the movement! First of all, ASAP isn't anti-smoking. Nope, we aren't one of those hater groups which deny and detest, stomping our feet and pointing fingers, at smokers and their cigarettes. Cigarettes and the "sin tax" is actually quite an important source of income for the nation, and we'd like to acknowledge that! Smoking is a choice, and we have freedom of choice! But know this, ASAP was born out of the frustration that a few of us felt at seeing people suffering lung cancer, throat cancer, and mouth cancer. A perfectly good life, cut short by irresponsible habits. We are individuals who have at one point or another been annoyed by the smoke wafting from one table to another, carried by an otherwise refreshing breeze! Some of us may have had watery eyes in a smoke-filled room -- not to mention the choking sensation -- *hack* *hack* *koff* *koff*.

Second, we aren't here to tell people that "smoking is bad" and "smoking kills", because we know that everyone has the right to his or her own choices! Instead, we are here to tell the Malaysian public, what our vision of a life is.... when we can be cigarette-free. We don't fancy preaching to anyone, nor do we want to impose our views on others. Far from it! Instead, the ASAP movement focuses on engaging the public in a memorable, unforgettable way, subtle yet acceptable. Through music and film, we engage the senses and deliver an experience that will be remembered by the audience. Eventually, we hope that our message will find its way into your hearts! And perhaps, when you remember our message, you will be able to make the healthier choice in life....

For some of us, we may wonder why film and music, where others have failed before? Our reply to that is that smoking a cigarette is a sensory experience: from the smell to the touch, to the taste and the feel of the cigarette in the hand, there is a warming glow that "warms" the cigarette smoker, leading to a pulsating sensation as the smoke permeates the lungs... and then there is the movie aspect, where the cigarette has been given a glamourous role alongside leading actors and actresses. (One day, the grammy award might go to a cigarette, in the best supporting role!) Thus, in light of that, we in ASAP believe that it is through the senses that we must engage the Malaysian public, much more the youth than any other sector of society! The young believe in imagination, through our dreams we soar... let us dream together, for a smoke-free Malaysia!

ASAP -- A Superb Apolitical Project!
ASAP -- Ain't Smokin' Any Pack!
ASAP -- All Say, "Aiyoyo.... Podah!"

Act now. Join the movement! Think ASAP.
Join us... As Soon As Possible.

To put in word : ASAP is a Anti-Smoking movement, Simple. :)

Basically dia dapat dana RM130,000 dari belia 1Malaysia untuk buat short film anti smoking. Short film ini bakal menampilkan Liyana Jasmay, Pierre Andre & Iz (one in Million)

Nak tgk trailer dorang? Sini:

CINTA AKHIR starring IZ, Liyana Jasmay & Pierre Andre will be launched in conjunction with World No Tobacco Day by Malaysia's Minister of Health, Y.B. Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai on May 31st.

Nak tahu lebih lanjut boleh visit page mereka di:

I support their effort, do you?

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